Do you own an older home in La Jolla, CA? How do you keep it cool during the hot summer months? Do you still use window air conditioning units? If so, do you wish that you had an alternative? Window air conditioning units are loud, and they only regulate the temperature in a small area. They also look terrible. If you would like to finally get rid of those ugly, bothersome window air conditioners, please contact HVAC Medic. We have a great solution to your problem.

At HVAC Medic, one of the things that we specialize in is air conditioning unit installation. If you have been putting off having central AC installed because of the cost, please get in touch with us immediately. A central AC unit is more affordable than you might think. Imagine how nice it will be to enjoy a cool house without all the noise! Of course, at HVAC Medic, our air conditioning unit installation isn’t just for new units. We will replace older units as well with something that is much more cost effective.

If you already have central AC and you have a problem, you will still want to remember the name HVAC Medic. We offer HV repair services as well. If your unit has been acting strangely or has stopped working altogether, contact us for HV repair. You can also schedule a tune up so that you will not have to worry about your AC breaking down. At HVAC Medic, we help people stay cool in Escondido, El Cajon, and La Jolla, CA, as well as the surrounding cities. No matter what type of AC service you need, we are the company to call. All our technicians are well qualified, and they will get the job done. You will also be pleased with the price.

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